Senior Adults Living Triumphantly

You are the salt of the earth
Matthew 5:13

The SALT ministry is for people who had at least 50 birthdays to remember.  We come together at least once a month on a designated Thursday and have a time of fellowship consisting of dinner and a brief bible lesson. Come and bring a friend.

Our goal as a group is the following:

1-   to connect with other members of the Church who are seniors in age;

2-   to get to know one another and develop friendships for a lifetime;

3-   to encourage one another to serve the LORD in the Church and out in the world;

4-   to encourage one another to learn and obey the WORD of GOD;

5-   to encourage one another to care for one another in time of need; and

6-   to encourage one another to share the WORD of GOD with the world.

Check out our EVENTS page for upcoming meetings and events!