The Reaux Family

Jonathan and Megan Reaux, along with their three children, have been missionaries for many years, and they have seen many people come to Christ. They live in Maurice, Louisiana but travel the world sharing the gospel and shining the light of Jesus with other nations and people groups. Jonathan also uses his education and giftings in Computer Animation to minister to cultures through media.

November 2019 Update,

Trauma Project Recap

For those of you who are unaware, we have been working for over 1 year now on a 9 episode animated series geared towards children in the Arab world who suffer from PTSD, due to war related incidents as well as other causes, such as domestic abuse. The series is aimed to be released December 2020, along with picture books and facilitator/leader guides and a website. It will be available in schools, refugee camps, churches, and online, starting in the Arab speaking world.

Many Countries on Board

We haven’t even fully completed 1 episode of the Trauma Project, and we already have so much positive response from all over the world. The American Psychology Association is very excited to implement this project. The UNHCR (branch of the UN for refugees) of the Middle East is also eager to distribute it in refugee camps. TV broadcasting companies from Iran and Pakistan are already requesting to get the series dubbed into their language. Government officials from Denmark want to incorporate it into their school systems, as they have a growing refugee crisis in their country.
With this much positive response already, it is exciting (and a bit intimidating) to think about the outcome when the project is complete!

Recent Trip to Jordan

At the end of October, I (Jonathan) took a 2 week trip to Jordan, where we hammered out more of the story line. We discussed how to merge together the clinical healing processes with an engaging story, and we met with team members from around the world to build a smooth workflow. A project this size is like building a sky scraper. There are a lot of parts that need to be put together in the right order, by a lot of people working together in sync. Planning out the workflow and management for the next year was one of our main accomplishments during the trip.

You can view our newsletter to see images and videos of our progress by clicking HERE! Thank you again for your prayers and support. You are making all of this content possible. Until next month, God bless!

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