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Pastor Buddy and his family are called by God to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the Caylloma/Colca Canyon region of Peru.  Buddy, Kim, and their daughter Jewelia live in Chivay, Peru.     
They believe God’s specific mandate to their family is to bring Echad (unity or oneness) to the people of this region of Peru.

Echad2Peru December 2019 update:

Our month began with a trip to Lima to start our Visa process again due to them being canceled and confiscated when we left the country in October. Everything went well and our paperwork has been submitted, so now we wait for approval. Once approved we can then start on Jewelia’s paperwork. Please continue to pray for approval and that there are no delays in the process.
Shortly after our Lima trip the team from Submission arrived in Arequipa . It was a small but mighty group. Pastor Zack, Pastor Jake, and Mallory brought the power of the Holy Spirit. Ministry opportunities found us. They brought the fire to both a men’s and women’s meeting. The Lord gave Mallory a very timely and powerful word for the ladies in the church. Thank you Mallory for being obedient in giving the word!  The men’s meeting was filled with the Holy Spirit, and men receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The team had many opportunities to minister while in the Colca Canyon, the local radio station in Cabanaconde, and to the people of Chivay. We can’t thank them enough for pouring into the people of the Caylloma region.
Our holidays were filled with laughter, food and fellowship as we gathered as a church to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. God has truly blessed us with an amazing group of people from different nations. In between Christmas and new year we had a visit from our friends from Brazil. Marcio and his family visited for a few days and Marcio preached a powerful message on Sunday. At one point we had four nations in the house; United States, Peru, Venezuela, and Brasil. We are going to change the world one life, one family, and one NATION at a time. It is beyond amazing to see the prophecy of “the nations coming to us” take place. What an honor to be a part of God’s plan for the nations.

Proverbs 24:11
     Rescue those being led to death; hold back those staggering towards slaughter.

Thank you for all that you do to support Echad2Peru. We love y’all,
Buddy, Kim, Jewelia, Adi
Echad2Peru Ministries

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