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Jonathan and Megan Reaux, along with their three children, have been missionaries for many years, and they have seen many people come to Christ. They live in Maurice, Louisiana but travel the world sharing the gospel and shining the light of Jesus with other nations and people groups. Jonathan also uses his education and giftings in Computer Animation to minister to cultures through media.

May 2020 Update,

Trauma Project

For those of you who are unaware, we have been working for over 1 year now on a 9 episode animated series geared towards children in the Arab world who suffer from PTSD, due to war related incidents as well as other causes, such as domestic abuse. The series is aimed to be released December 2020, along with picture books and facilitator/leader guides and a website. It will be available in schools, refugee camps, churches, and online, starting in the Arab speaking world.

COVID19 In Jordan

We were only in Jordan for a month before the lockdown started. And of all the countries in the world, Jordan has enforced one of the most intense lockdowns, which has its pros and cons. The pros is that Jordan has one of the lowest infected rates and death tolls per capita due to the pandemic. The cons is that we were stuck inside for nearly two months, with 3 kids, only able to walk to small nearby grocery stores a couple of days a week.
After 45 days of complete lockdown, we are now able to drive every other day, as long as we stay in our community and wear masks and gloves. However the boarders of the country are still closed and we have passed our initial return date, which was May 5th. We are waiting for news of when boarders will be opened so we can purchase new tickets to return home.

Episode 2 is Complete

The 2nd episode of the Trauma Project is complete as of just a couple of days ago! YAY!
This episode is extremely important, as it gives the first glimpse of hope, that the child doesn’t have to stay stuck with PTSD forever, but he/she can overcome it with help.
Below, you can watch a finished scene from this episode. This is where Amal, the school counselor, gives Saleem hope for the 1st time, that he will get better, and Saleem smiles for the 1st time in the series.

Learning Arabic

Megan, Lyla, and I have been taking Arabic lessons 3 times a week, so we can better communicate and connect with the people of the Middle East. However, Arabic is in the top 3 list of hardest languages for English speakers to learn. So it’s been quite a challenge, but we are making progress! We get plenty of practice at the local grocery stores and ordering delivery over the phone and with our neighbors.

To see images of our work in progress click HERE!

To see a video with detailed information about the Trauma Project and a progress report from January click HERE!

Thank you all again for your prayers and support. You are making all of this content possible. God bless!The Reaux Family

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